Digital Marketing

Course at a Glance

  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 42
  • Total Hours : 90
  • Class Schedule :
    • Saturday – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Monday – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Wednesday – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Venue : Creative Dream IT institute

Price: TK. 25,000


Digital Marketing Course

A complete Digital Marketing Training.


Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. The demands for Digital Marketing skills are increasing day by day in Bangladesh also the Job Opportunities.

When you know how to attract customers through online channels, you’ll be a valuable asset to any team.
Most popular Online Marketing Channels are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The Head of the Company and The Online Marketer both should know the Digital Marketing process, If the Head knows the step by step process properly, then he can judge his employee easily. And also if the employee knows the process, he or she can do a better job for his company and can build a career in this sector.

This course enables you to work in international online market places also. This very practically developed course mainly focuses on digital marketing skills that are sought by overseas clients through various online market places including Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, Peopleperhour and many other sites. The course was conducted earlier and the success rate of enabling participants to earn online was satisfactory.

Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital marketing tools 

• ABC of Digital Marketing and difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. 
• Tools of Digital marketing e.g. content marketing, SMM, SEO, Affiliate, email marketing, and video marketing.
• Career opportunities of Digital Marketing 
• Introduction to Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and
• Video Marketing 

Learning Outcomes

• Explore ins & outs of Digital marketing
• Explore Content marketing Platform 
• Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control Facebook Content Marketing;
• Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control Facebook Paid Campaign;
• Understand marketing strategy of Google Plus,LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram
• Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics 
• Explore Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing techniques 
• Analyze digital marketing KPI measurement Tools 

Contents of Training:

Module 1 : Advance SEO and Content Marketing 
Session 1 : Introduction to SEO 
• Basic Description of SEO
• Googlebot (Google Crawler)
• Google Algorithm
• Search Engine Basics
• Major Search Engines
• Web Ranking & Page Rank
• Back links and its important
• Browsers & Imp Addon, Plugin
• Important SEO Tools
• Domain and Page Authority

Session 2 : SEO On Page 
• Keywords Research & Analysis
• LSI Technique
• Initial Site Analysis
• Competition Analysis
• Keywords Density &Stuffing
• Page Mapping
• Title & Meta Tag Optimization
• Site Structure Analysis
• URL renaming/re-writing
• H1, H2, H3 Tags
• Anchor Text
• Creating of Fevicon
• Content Optimization
• HTML Validation
• No follow and do follow Links
• Internal/External Links
• Image Optimization
• Outbound/Inbound Links
• XML & Html Sitemap
• Custom Sitemap
• Keywords Ranking?
• 404 Error Removal &Redirects
• Header &Footer Optimization
• Alexa report

Session 3: On-page optimization in WordPress site
• Use Link structure optimization technique from WordPress site Link Structure
• Introduce with WordPress SEO Plug in : WordPress SEO by Yoast 
• Install WordPress SEO by Yoast plug in
• Explore different features of WordPress SEO by Yoast Tool
• Implement on page optimization metrics in wordpress website
• Create sitemap in a wordpress delegated website
• Use robot.txt 

Session 4: SEO Off Page 
• Search Engines Submission
• Directory Submission
• Social Bookmarking
• Blog Commenting
• Blog Posting
• Article Submission
• Video Submission
• Forum Posting
• Free Classified Submission
• Google Map Creation 
• Address Verification
• Quara/Yahoo- Question&answering
• Backlink is dead?

Session 5: Explore Content marketing Platform 
• Importance of content marketing?
• Introduction to different types of content: Article Image content, Video Content, Slide Content, Audio Content
• Exploring content marketing platforms: Blogging (personal blog, company blog, guest blog, free blog, Facebook, linkedin, google plus, medium, Pinterest, You tube,, 

Session 6: Research Target Audience and Content Topic 
• Audience Research Tools: FB audience Insight
• Explore Related active social media groups/pages 
• Discussion @ Forum 
• Content Topic Research Tools: keywords planner, 
• Study Competitor’s content from blog or other media
• Social media conversation 
• Discussion @ Forum 

Session 7: Writing article and Optimization of Article for Search Engine
• Rewrite article from another article? 
• Collect information from other articles. 
• Write article from image content, video content and from Slide content
• Concept of pillar article
• Understanding search engine Algorithm : Title optimization, Image optimization, keyword density checking, relevancy, Internal Linking, External Linking, open paragraph, Bounce Rate
• Convert to engaging content and Valuable content 

Session 8: Development of Image and Video content 
• Exploring features of image & video content making tools e.g. Canva, Skitch, Piktochart, Magix photo designer
• Video content creation tools : camtasia & video maker fx 
• Video content editing & publishing 

Module 2: Development of Custom Blog 
• Introduction to WordPress 
• Steps of blog development;
• Domain selection & Domain Research 
• hosting configuration
• Blog site develop by hosting application through cpanel 
• cpanel 
• introduction to Word press theme
• Free theme setup
• Free theme customize

Module 3: Facebook Marketing
Session 1: Introduce with Facebook marketing 
• Importance of Facebook Page & Group Creation
• Setting up of Facebook page & group 
• Facebook page role, auto messaging & Facebook page reviews
• Difference between Facebook profile, Facebook page and Facebook group
• Event creation steps on Facebook 
• Concept of Scheduling Post, Backdate Post, Event, Milestone, offer. 
• Facebook Notes 

Session 2: Explore Facebook Algorithm (EDGE Rank) , Content strategy & content calendar 
• EDGE Rank
• Post value
• Post rank
• Post score 
• Content strategy develop
• Content calendar plan
• Content calendar template 

Session 3: Explore Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing techniques 
• Explore the benefits of sales funnel
• Difference between page like and lead
• Lead Generate at organic way By blogging, From others social media, From competitor’s page, From related fb group, From friendlist of influencer, By Email signature
• Lead Nurturing Technique 
• Convert to sell
• Case study of sales funnel

Session 4: Analyze Audience through Audience Insight 
• Ins & Outs of Page insight?
• Create an audience set page insight report
• Set target audience in a non paid way inside Facebook page

Session 5: Create Facebook Business page and Paid Campaign (Basic) 
• Create Facebook business account & Ad account
• Adding Payment method in Facebook business account
• Set up Saved Audience, Custom Audience & Look A Like Audience 
• Find out Your marketing objective & align Marketing objective 
• Explore Facebook Campaign Structure : Campaign > Ad Set > Ad 
• Utilize the power of Facebook power editor 

Session 6: Paid campaign and Remarketing technique 
• Explore Facebook magic feature Facebook Pixel ?
• Install Facebook pixel 
• Define Facebook conversion pixel & install Facebook Conversion pixel 
• Define Remarketing & Retargeting 
• Facebook Marketing Jargon: Impression, Engagement; , Reach, Frequency, CTR, CPM, CPC, ROI, Ad Relevancy. 

Session 7: Measure, Analyze, Improve & control Facebook campaign 
• Use of Google Analytics URL builder to measure Facebook Traffic exactly
• Set up custom audience leveraging the power of Facebook pixel. 
• Ad Relevance Optimization Technique, Placement Optimization, Adset Optimization, Age Group Based optimization

Module 4: Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Session 1:Google Webmaster Tools 
• Introduce with Google Webmaster Tool 
• Setting up Google Web master Tools Account and adding with website.
• Explore magical features of Google Webmaster Tool
• Add Site Map in Webmaster Tool
• Find out the Connection between Google Webmaster tool with on Page SEO Optimization 

Session 2: Google Analytics 
• Install Google analytics
• Add new website in Google Analytics
• Study Audience features of Google Analytics 
• Analyze Acquisition feature of Google analytics
• Study audience behavior from behavior feature of GA
• Explore Real Time feature of GA 

Module 5: Marketing at Twitter & Pinterest
Session 1:Twitter Marketing: 
• Optimize Twitter Profile 
• Use of Hashtag 
• Explore Advanced search option in Twitter 
• Twitter Tweet feature for branding/awareness creation 

Session 2:Pinterest Marketing:
• Create board in Pinterest 
• Increase followers through organic strategy 
• Generate Sales through Pinterest 

Module 6: Marketing at Linkedin and quora
Discuss about Instagram and G+…….
• Create profile at LinkedIn 
• Optimize Profile in LinkedIn for better result. 
• Explore different features of linked in 
• Create profile at Quora 
• Study activities at quora and engage for better result 
• Find out potential client from quora 

Module 7: Marketing through Youtube 
• Create a new channel
• Channel settings
• Channel Optimize
• Vanity URL
• On page optimization(Title Tag optimization, description optimization using keywords, thumbnail optimize) 

Module 8: E-mail Marketing 
• Introduction to Email Marketing
• Email as Conversation
• Creating the HTML Email
• Types of Email Marketing
• Landing Pages Optimization
• How to Create Mailing List
• How to Observe Spam words
• Top Email marketing software and online tools
• How to land in inbox instead of spam folder

Module 9: Project based work in MarketPlaces 
• Perfect market place for you
• Profile creating 
• Gig/hourly creating 
• How to get job?
• Discuss about 4/5 very easy gig (pdf, signature etc) 
• Buyer communication skill
• Common error of getting any job.
• Web research and market research 
• Payment method